Ski pistes mapping 2018

It’s been a few years since the last statistics about ski pistes mapping in Openstreetmap.

You know it: Openstreetmap has the biggest worldwide skimap available. And still growing !

From today stats:

  • Crossountry trails: 67961 km
  • Alpine runs : 37287 km
  • Lifts: 17647 km
  • Sled runs : 1376 km

While at a slower pace than in the glory years, the length of the ski runsmapped in OSM grow every year with several thousand of kilometers. This means that there is still some ski pistes to map, and a good question is how many ? I’m trying to have some clue in comparing other available skiareas-related listings, such as Russel’s excellent I’ll keep you informed.

Edit : Ah, it’s more than 100’000 km of ski pistes without the lifts now !

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