2017 style improvements

I make no mystery of it: I’m a cross-country skier. I’ve run alpine skis only twice in my life, and definitely prefer the wild and quiet areas where you’re alone sweating your way in the middle of nowhere. This had had consequences on Opensnowmap.org, and I did not spent enough time on downhill runs rendering style. It was crowded and definitely not clear enough, but this is about to change. Now that the ski season is almost done, I’m rolling out a major style change.

Alpine runs

Downhill ski runs are now cleaner (I hope). Especially transition is smoother between pistes mapped as areas and those mapped as ways. At high zoom,pistes let a clear view on the contour lines and fade in better on the topo-style base map.


The less common pistes type (skitours, snowshoes, sled, and sleigh) are now rendered with icons. Curling, ice-stock and hockey icons have been added.

Pistes overlaps

Sometimes pistes can be used for several activities, now Opensnowmap is able to render piste tagged like piste:type = downhill;sled or other combination.

I hope this improved map will please you, and you are welcome to make any remarks or request improvement here.

External users

As long with the new style, the tiles URLs changes. As your website or appuses a proper referer, I am able to contact you with the new URL, of course. The URL is http(s)://tiles.opensnowmap.org/pistes/{z}/{x}/{y}.png.

For the offline users, please note that the monthly .mbt tile set from 28.04.2017 is the last one available with the old style.

1 thought on “2017 style improvements”

  1. supaake:

    I don’t manage to load tiles from the URL you specified above\n(http(s)://www.opensnowmap.org/pistes/{z}/{x}/{y}.png). All I see is a png that\nsays "access denied".) Is this still up to date?


    @ supaake: this was a misconfiguration, I guess.


    Check the Tile usage policy posts on this blog.

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