What about grooming ski pistes this summer ?

Depending on the area, the default nordic skiing practice differs a lot. While in western Europe one can expect a wide area for skating plus tracks for classic style skiing, this is not the case everywhere in the world.

In some regions, the piste preparation is much lighter and the majority of pistes are just signposted crosscountry ski routes for crosscountry touring with extra-large skis.

On OpenStreetMap, we use the tag piste:grooming  to describe accurately the various practices.

Yet today (25.06.2022), there is no way to know what kind of gear is well-suited to run 24 % of the nordic skiing pistes already mapped, that is 22’303 km.

This summer, no need to get the snowcat out of its shed, just take your mouse to update the tags on pistes you know !

On Opensnowmap.org, these pistes appears with a dashed pattern from zoom 12, and display a perplexed skier from zoom 15 onward.

You can also find pistes where the piste:grooming tag is no set on a way nor a relation from this overpass query : https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/1jEl

way["piste:type"="nordic"][!"piste:grooming"]({{bbox}}) -> .nogroomingway;
rel(bw.nogroomingway)["piste:type"="nordic"]["piste:grooming"] -> .groomingrel;
way(r.groomingrel) -> .groomingway;
(.nogroomingway; - .groomingway;);
out geom;

Here is a reminder of the wiki’s definition:

piste:grooming=classic  Two rails for classic style nordic.

piste:grooming=classic;skating  Wide piste for skating and at least one set of classic rails.

piste:grooming=skating  Wide piste for skating (or ‘free’) style nordic.

piste:grooming=scooter  Classic style groomed by a smaller snowmobile, which means that the piste is often much looser and single lane.

piste:grooming=backcountry  Un-prepared itinerary for cross-country skiing, tracks are made manually by skiers.

6 thoughts on “What about grooming ski pistes this summer ?”

  1. Very good point raised. Will update some paths in the forest nearby where in the winter I (and a lot of other amateur skiers) usually ski with piste:type=nordic + piste:grooming=backcountry

  2. Really good news. I love the new tags.
    The last point in my opinion important is the rendering of the alpine ski slopes with « piste:grooming=backcountry »
    Which merge with the ski touring routes.

  3. Yes I think there must be 3 different renderings :
    The first concerns marked but ungroomed downhill ski trails (indicated on the resort’s piste map) :
    Like here, the slope Schwarzkogel n°56

    The second is ski touring, like the one you showed I believe (the ascent and descent) with :
    The ascent and descent must be mapped with the same tags.

    Finally, the off-piste routes (for example, the descent of the white valley in Chamonix)

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