OpenSnowMap summer upgrade

The lower traffic on website during the summer is the opportunity for some maintenance works and map style upgrade in the following weeks.

Database reload – The base topo map database will be reloaded. It has some glitches (some elements are inexplicably missing), and the upcoming style change needs a couple of new columns. Minutely updates will after that be handled by Osmium. New tiles render will be down during a few days.

Map style change – Both the ski piste overlay and base topo map will be upgraded. Nothing really drastic, I can cite among other changes :

  • Improve mid-zoom (8-11) readibility
  • Reduce the color difference for nordic pistes mapped with the ‘colour’ tag and those without.
  • Add power lines, withpout them, associated cuts in forest land seems odd.
  • Renders single trees, tree rows and hedges.
  • Fix a few glitches on downhill pistes rendering.

 Note for external users

For those using OpenSnowMap tiles in their websites, there is nothing to do. Your users may experience a few tiles missing during database reload, I will do my best to reduce the downtime to a minimum. Those using a proxy-cache to serve the tiles will be warned in advance to have the opportunity to reset their cache in oder to minimize the mosaic effect between old and new tiles created by the new styles deployment.

Update 11 July 2021

The switch is effective for normal tiles, HDPI tiles for the mobile website are deactivated during pre-rendering the base zooms.

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