New routing backend

There’s a brand new routing engine at!

All known piste:type ways and relations are routable (that is, if you don’t know them yet: nordic, downhill, connection, sled, hike, skitour, ski_jump, ski_jump_landing_area, fatbike, sleigh, playground, snow_park, and of course every semi-colon separated combination of those).

The long overdue feature is that this new router take into account way directions: you may find it harder to go uphill for alpine pistes, and downhill with lifts.

For all pistes, the tag piste:oneway=yes/no/-1 is honoured (or oneway=* if no highway=* tag is present on the same way). Lifts are considered oneway only, except aerialway=gondola and aerialway=cable_car, or if oneway=no if specified

Last, some pistes are logically excluded when an access tag is present that contradicts the piste:type=* tag, like ski=no, foot=no and bicycle=no or discouraged. A know limitation is that doesn’t affect relation members yet.

So, if your favorite resort is not routable yet, it’s time to check the connection between the pistes, and lifts. Do you know about the tag piste:type=connection ?

The routing functionality is still a ‘draw yourself a route’ between waypoints feature. If you’d like a different flavor of ski routing, you may want to try the one at

Thanks a lot for Michal ( work on ski routing with OSRM, even though in the end, Opensnowmap is now using PGrouting.

2 thoughts on “New routing backend”

  1. Hi, I really like opensnowmap and I’m impressed with the routing function. It works great! I wanted to use the routing function to plan a ski circuit on a navigation tool.

    Is it possible to add a .gpx export function after a route is created? It would make the routing function reeven more useful!

    Kind regards,

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