New server is being deployed – URL change

Dear users, A generous donation accelerated the deployment of on a more powerful server. No big changes, except a faster rendering and the possibility to serve more tiles. This will help in following the increasing number of requests for ski maps.

Many thanks to the team at !

Part of the map requests are already handled by this new server, so you may experience a longer load time while the tile cache is building up.

If you are using the ski map tiles on your own website, please use the url, tile servingfrom will soon be deprecated. Also, heavy users (> 50’000 tiles per day) are requested to access the tiles via their own cache.

5 thoughts on “New server is being deployed – URL change”

  1. Florent:

    Hello and thanks for the share.
    \nThere is a typo in the url: it works only with zoom first (/z/x/y).
    \nI read the tile usage policy but I don’t have a "valid referer".
    \nWhat is it and were can I find one for private usage in Android app (such as\nLocus map for instance)?


    Thanks, typo fixed. 


    You don’t need a referrer for pistes-only tiles, so it should work in Locus.\nKeep in mind that bulk download of tiles is prohibited, you can download them\ndirectly from here

  2. Salut Janvier,

    Currently, I am developing a mobile app at these quarantine days for fun 🙂 . I found your website during my research for maps. It would be very nice if I use maps in my app. However when I use the link that you provided in your app. I face with blank tiles. Is this issue caused by servers or sth. I would be very happy I you could help.


  3. Hello Yves,

    I am the developer of mobileapp « WhiteScout Pro », which helps to hinder death by avalanches by using Werner Munter’s reduction method. Since 2012 my app was running with google maps elevation-api. But google has changed its license policy in 2018. This is why I would try to reprogram my app and will use opensnowmap with leaflet api. I also don’t have a « valid referer ». In my app I am trying to run: The anwer is: « Access Denied ».
    How can we surround the problem? Can you help me?
    Thank you in advance,
    Gerrit Müller, Austria

  4. Bonjour,
    je souhaiterai pouvoir utiliser uniquement le fond fond de carte « hivernal ».{z}/{x}/{y}.png ne semble pas fonctionné.
    Cette URL est encore fonctionnelle ? Existe t-il une autre possibilité pour récupérer ce fond ?
    Merci d’avance,

  5. Hello to all, apparently tzhis blog is not the best way to contact me 😉
    The base snow map tiles are not available to all, server ressources are scarce. Best is to contact me via email (see ‘About’ page on website).

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