Ski piste mapping 2014-0215

The season is over, time for stats!

Mind you? With more than 35’000km of crosscountry pistes and 28’000km of alpine descent, there is some ski pistes left to maps in OSM.

Mapping of ski pistes continues at a steady state. However the winter step is more obvious among crosscountry skier. Maybe they still map with a GPS intheir pocket? Kudos to you !

  • Nordic: 35165 km
  • Alpine: 28662 km
  • Lifts: 17680 km
  • Skitour: 2627 km
  • Sled: 1013 km
  • Snowshoeing: 801 km


1 thought on “Ski piste mapping 2014-0215”

  1. Bernhard Hiller:

    "However the winter step is more obvious among crosscountry skier. Maybe\nthey still map with a GPS in their pocket?"
    \nThat’s exactly the way I map nordic pistes. They may run on good wide tracks,\nbut sometimes on narrow hiking paths, and sometimes those ways are not yet\nmapped. Better use a GPS.
    \nBy the way, some sections may have a dual use depending on season, e.g. cycle\nroute during summer.


    Of course, you can make crosscountry tracks and cycling routes from the same\nway by adding both a cycling\nroute relation and a ski route\nrelation.


    Like this way that\nis shared between ski and mountain bike route.

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