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dimanche 23 juin 2013

Opensnowmap on Android

Thanks to Osmdroid, it's relatively easy to build a simple map application for Android, so here it is :

Opensnowmap app on google play

It offers simple online map browsing and piste / place search by name. I hope it is more convenient to browse ski trails than on your mobile browser, though I know that in the future I should provide a proper web-based mobile version of the site.

Be warned : this application is a paid-for one, and is mainly intended to support for server costs. It's hard to find a good way to call for support, but I found this solution both practical for donations and useful. So, if you like Opensnowmap, don't hesitate to give it a try.


samedi 4 mai 2013

Contours lines suspended / courbes de niveaux hors service

The contour lines database is suspended till further notice for an upgrade (SRTM V4.1 from CGIAR, a bit of smoothing for ASTER data in northem areas).

Les courbes de niveaux seront à nouveau disponibles après une mise à jour (SRTM V4.1 grâce à CGIAR, les données ASTER seront également adoucies pour les régions nordiques).


samedi 27 avril 2013

Resort rendering update

I prepared the sets of icons to render the following activities if they are present among the members of a site=piste relation:

  • dowhnill
  • nordic
  • sled
  • ice-skate
  • jump
  • playground
  • skitour
  • snow_park
  • hike (snowshoes)

There is still a few placement issues, but it's overall looking good:


Now that the snow is slowly melting, that's something you can map remotely.

How-to site=piste.

dimanche 14 avril 2013 Updates

First of all, thanks a lot to all bugs / feature request reporters !

The map:

  • Downhill pistes are now renderd as area (area=yes) see
  • Names on downhill pistes
  • Resorts are now renderd from zoom 8 see
  • The lifts icons are now the head up see
  • Fix sled and skating icons placement


  • Move blog to new address
  • Refresh interactive mode button design
  • Lot of translation fixes
  • Remove forum. It's been hacked :(


vendredi 5 avril 2013 =>

Your new website, for all winter sports :


  • Tile server

From fresh data, every morning

  • Pistes informations with a single clic

No more 'vector mode'. Lighter, better compatibility with browsers.

  • Search for pistes by names

Nominatim results are augmented with a selection of ski pistes and lifts.

  • Multi-modal routing and elevation profiles

You can climb dowhnills, take a lift downward and a shortcut in snowshoes. Yes !

  • Forum

Yet another channel. It's more dedicated to newcomers, and aim to ensure the site viabilty in the long-term.

Maybe the site is a little fresh, so don't hesitate to send me your remarks.

pistes-nordiques =>

Votre nouveau site, dédié à l'ensemble des sports d'hiver:

Au menu:

  • Serveur de tuiles

Avec des données fraiches du jour, tout les matins

  • Infos sur les pistes d'un simple clic

Plus de mode 'vecteur', beaucoup plus léger et meilleure compatibilité sur les navigateurs

  • Recherche des pistes par nom

Les résultats Nominatim sont augmentés d'une sélection 'special ski'

  • Routage et dénivelés multi-modaux

Montée en ski de descente, descente en remontée mécanique et raccourcis en raquettes, c'est possible !

  • Forum

Oui, un canal de plus, mais c'est essentiellement pour assurer la viabilité du site à long terme

Le site sens peut-être encore un peu la peinture, n'hésitez pas à me faire part de vos remarques.

lundi 25 mars 2013

Nouveautés: Recherche par nom et snowparks

J'ai rajouté quelques nouveautés sur le site récemment. Petit à petit, l'ensemble des activités hivernales sont couvertes.

* Snowparks, jardin de ski, pistes de luge, saut à ski et patinage sont sur la carte.



Vous saviez que l'on avait 851km de pistes de luge dans openstreetmap ?

* Recherche une piste par son nom

Le champ de recherche vous permet désormais de localiser une piste, une remontée ou un domaine skiable ('site=piste' relations) en plus des résultats classiques de Nominatim.


News features: Search for pistes - Snowparks

As of late, I added a few features to the website. Gradually, it's becoming a full-fledge winter sport dedicated map, stay tuned !

* Snowparks, ski playround, sled pistes, ice-skating and ski jumps have been added to the tile layer.



Do you know that we have 851 km of sled pistes in Openstreetmap ?!!

* Search pistes by names

The search box will now give you results for pistes, aerialway and resorts ('site=piste' relations) in addition to Nominatim results.


mercredi 6 mars 2013


I had a few requests hanging in my mailbox, so here it is :

Rendering of alpine and crosscountry ski pistes, lifts, snowshoe / winter-hiking and skitour, updated daily.



To the map

Let see if yesterday's plots climb on, or if renderd says no :)

Tiles bulk downloading strictly forbidden

mardi 5 mars 2013

Cartographie saisonniére

Grâce à la récente publication du fichier Planet historique, et aussi au travail de Peter sur history-importer, j'ai pu sortir quelques statistiques sur notre passe-temps favori : la cartographie des pistes de ski.

* Ski de fond


La première piste mappée date de février 2006, et le plus gros effort à été fourni en mars 2011, avec plus de 1200km ajoutés en une semaine.

* Ski de descente


La premiére piste date de février 2006 également, ici c'est l'hiver 2009 qui constitue le meilleur millésime.

* Remontées


Ces relevés sont nettement moins saisonniers.

* Qu'en dire

Ces 3 graphes ont tendance à croître régulièrement, voire à s'aplatir un peu.

J'imagine que celà est du à la difficulté de mapper des pistes moins accessibles : il est temps d'amélorer la forme des skieurs d'OSM :)

En tout cas, tant que ces courbes ne sont pas totalement plates, il reste plein de pistes à relever !

Seasonal mapping

Thanks to newly released osm history dump and Peter's work on history Importer, I am able to extract a few figures out of our favorite hobby: mapping ski pistes.

* Crosscountry (nordic) ski


First XC trail was mapped in february 2006, the biggest effort was made during march 2011, with more than 1200 km mapped in a week.

* Alpine (downhill) ski


The first slope was mapped in february 2006 too, however the rise seems to flatten on the last years. Here 2009 is the best millesime.

* Aerialways (lifts)


It seems that aerialway mapping is less seasonal.

* And then

These three plots tend to grow at a steady pace, or even flattens a little.

We can probably understand this by the difficulty to map more remote pistes : it's time to improve the skiing level of our fellow ski-mappers :)

However, until they become really flat, one thing is sure: there is still plenty to map !

dimanche 10 février 2013

Plan des pistes de ski de fond: imprimez le !

J'ai ajouté une fonction pour permettre d'imprimer une carte. Utilisez l'icone 'imprimer' dans le menu, puis choisissez le format.


La sortie est un fichier pdf, sur fond Openstreetmap. Cette fonctionalité est délibérement limitée pour éviter une charge trop importante: il n'est possible d'imprimer que des régions contenant des pistes de ski de fond, et seulement deux tailles d'impression sont disponibles.

Crosscountry ski map: print it !

I added a basic printing function to the ski map. Choose the 'print' icon in the menu, then the area want to print.


The output is a pdf file and use Openstreetmap background. This feature is deliberately restricted to areas containing crosscountry ski trails, only two sizes are offered to avoid over-use.

jeudi 7 février 2013

New tagging proposal for ski sites

sites There were a few attempts to describe ski resorts in OSM, all with more or less success. So I commit this proposal: site=piste.

You are more than welcome to comment or ammend it here: discussion.

For those not used to relations, it's just a way to relate various elements (way, nodes, piste routes) with each other, here by a simple thing: ski !

The main practical goal of this is to give these site a name, so that we can easily find winter_sport areas as such in the database.


vendredi 4 janvier 2013


contact.png The website has been recently translated in Spanish, Finnish, Russian and Czech. German has been updated. Many thanks to the recent translators: Kato, Ian, Antti, Heinz and Gari !

To add a new language or improve the already translated ones, check the files in this directory, or in github. Preferably you will use the english file as a reference. Yves

samedi 29 décembre 2012

Extended terrain layer

The hillshading layer of is now extended up to 72°North with ASTER data.

tromso_hillshade The same dataset is used for contour lines, hillshading and elevation profile. It is made of a mix of SRTM data with voids filled from ASTER data. I hope Canadian and Scandinavian cross-country skiers will appreciate! Anchorage

These 2 overlays (contour and hillshade) are intended for solely use on, except express permission. Feel free to contact me by email, I can provide the hillshade layer as a single sqlite file of 53GB and help you to set up a tile server.

ASTER is a product by METI and NASA.

vendredi 16 novembre 2012

Latest changes on the crosscountry skiing map

  • Pistes colours are back on tiles
  • Thanks to the wonderful work done lately on Mapnik, I had the opportunity to re-work the map style. The rendering tool chain on the server now allow us to add (rendering only!) an offset between overlaying pistes relations to show them nicely according to their 'color=*' tag.
    You can tweak yourself the rendering of your mapping area! Available in menu > edit the map .

  • Screenshot

  • Spanish translation, thanks Gari !
  • Yet, all translations but English and French need completion. I you have a few minutes to spent, it's here.

  • Bug fixes
  • There are bugs and ergonomic fixes everywhere, the vector part of the site should be easier to play with now.

vendredi 13 juillet 2012

New skin and new features is already preparing next winter, major changes are coming to the site.

Change list

  • Piste tile layer

New mapnik layer to show crosscountry ski pistes with lower browser burden. The vector layer can now be found in 'Interactive mode'.

  • New rendering style

The pistes are now shown colored from their groundtruth marking color. Difficulty is noted with icons. Capture.png

  • 8-day snow cover

Thanks to the NCDIS Modis data processing, low-zoom tiles show the world snow cover about 1 to 2 weeks ago (find exact dates in About' menu). summer.png In July 2012 winter.png In april 2012

  • Base map

By default, the base map is courtesy of Mapquest, whose light style fit particularly well with our winter practise. Switch to Openstreetmap style via the menu.

Under the hood: Mapnik 2.0.1, Postgres9.1, Postgis 2.0, Openlayer 2.12.

There is still some room for improvement, and surely you will find some bug here and there, keep in mind that every apsect of the site will be polished in the following months.

And if you want to help in translation, check thoses files, complete them or provide yours!

NOTE: No update is automated yet !


jeudi 26 janvier 2012

Bug-fix / Correction de bogue

Le script chargé de m'envoyer les liens vers les sites ne fonctionnait pas, ils sont perdus! C'est désormais réparé.

The script that sent me the external links to snowreport website was broken. It's fixed now, but the links you provided are lost :( in your own language

Fast and easy: Take one of this file (preferably english) and send it to me translated in your own language !

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