Thewebsite has been recently translated in Spanish, Finnish, Russian and Czech.German has been updated. Many thanks to the recent translators: Kato, Ian,Antti, Heinz and Gari !

To add a new language or improve the already translated ones, check the files in this directory, or in github. Preferably you will use the english file as a reference. Yves

1 thought on “Translations”

  1. Jirka:

    Czech translation is good, but you have a wrong Czech flag in the menu :)\nOtherwise, very good map!


    Oops ! Just fixed.


    For the record ‘cs’ is an obsolete country code that was used for\nCzechoslovakia, then for a while for Serbia and Montenegro, hence the flag.


    The button "Translation needed" in the overlay in the lower right corner of\ redirects to a non-existing article in the blog.


    Hi Elias,


    Thanks, this has been fixed.


    The link for translation is\n[|]

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