Ski resorts: cool stuff with relation type=site

Relations type=site, site=pisteare used to map a ‘ski ressort’ or ‘skiing area’.

There are relations grouping all winter sport features that are member of a particular ressort. Their name is rendered at intermediate zoom on

Creating relations site=piste not only allows to render nice and meaningful names on the map at low zoom, but it also come in handy when your are looking for a piste.

Let’s say you are looking for a piste named ‘sapin’ (pine-tree in french). Not surprisingly, you will end up with a lot of results. However, now gives you the results with a link to the resort name as taggedin the site=piste relation in which the piste is a member.

Handy, isn’t it ? Well, there is only a few relations like this rightnow. But the good news is that building these relations is just armchair mapping 😉

For this, I strongly suggest the use of JOSM on bigger ressorts. Use tiles as a background and search for « piste:type »=* oraerialway=* , the rest is your local knowledge to add the proper name.

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