pistes-nordiques.org => www.opensnowmap.org

Your new website, for all winter sports :


  • Tile server

From fresh data, every morning

  • Pistes informations with a single clic

No more ‘vector mode’. Lighter, better compatibility with browsers.

  • Search for pistes by names

Nominatim results are augmented with a selection of ski pistes and lifts.

  • Multi-modal routing and elevation profiles

You can climb dowhnills, take a lift downward and a shortcut in snowshoes.Yes !

  • Forum

Yet another channel. It’s more dedicated to newcomers, and aim to ensure thesite viabilty in the long-term.

Maybe the site is a little fresh, so don’t hesitate to send me your remarks.

1 thought on “pistes-nordiques.org => www.opensnowmap.org”

  1. Hedaja:

    Hi nice map…here are some other german translations:
    \n"menu" ="Menü"
    \nin layer selection:
    \nsnowcover = "Schneedecke"

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