Opensnowmap mobile version is now available in a mobile-friendlyversion.


The main navigation features have been integrated in this version.However, you won’t find the elevation profile and micro-routing functions. First, because it’s complicated, and then, because I did not find any example showing me this could make sense on a mobile screen.

The mobile version benefits from a ‘my location’ icon that will re-center the map on your location at a few second interval unless deactivated by the same icon. Hopefully, because I figured out that HTML5 geolocation implementation among browser and device seems a bit tricky unless you found the various settings allowing it. So, sorry in advance if you are welcomed by an alert popup: I hope this will help you to find whats wrong.

Technically, the server should redirect you on the proper version based on user-agent. You can then change to the desktop or mobile version from the menu. Your choice will be remembered in a cookie along with your langage preference(including Catalan users, thanks to Joan !).

This has been tested on various Android browsers, but I’m glad to receive feedback fom users on iOS, Windows phone or else.


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