Offline ski tracks for your Android device

Downhill, crosscountry, skitour and snowshoe tracks from OpenStreetMap areavailable for upload in your Android phone and displayed with OsmAnd.

This is still a beta version, but it works. More information on ‘Load worldwide ski pistes onyour phone‘.

In a near future, these could be downloaded directly from within OsmAnd, oralternatively a new App will do the job automatically.

How it works ? The server at extracts dailythe crosscountry skiing trails from the OpenStreetMap database. There wasn’t somuch needed to do the same with all the ski pistes and lifts, then to convertthem in the .obf format needed by OsmAnd. A new style for OsmAnd, and that’sit, dozen of thousand of kilometers of ski trails in your pocket!


Note 2020: Outdated, OSmand now have pistes by itself

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