New version of Opensnowmap

A new version? Wait … nothing has changed !

Well hopefully it’s the case. website has been rewritten with a cleaner code separating HTML, CSS and Javascript. Also, a few good practises in website design have been implemented. For instance there is no blocking calls to the server any more.

There is some changes for the user, though:

  • Language change can be done on the fly, no need to reload the page.
  • Mobile version has been redesigned a little, allowing you to keep the map in view while looking for pistes with the ‘Search’ input.
  • A ‘Donate’ button landed on the menu, it’s not only here to look nice.

As the code is now cleaner, don’t hesitate to propose some changes yourself on the website, it’s here on Github . Be kind enough to report bugs, I made some tests on a few browsers, but there may be things I missed.


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