More than 100’000 km of ski pistes and lifts on the map!

When you enter, there is a small counter that shows you the length of ski pistes and lifts there is in OSM each days. On june 6th, thetotal length of alpine and crosscountry ski pistes, skitour, snowshoeing, lifts and sleds pistes crossed the 100’000km line.

Not bad, isn’t it ? This number seems important, so I searched and found a few flaws in my count, you can find the queries here. I notably found a few thousand of km of crosscountry pistes mapped as relations, without pistes tags on ways that were missing on previous calculations.

Anyway, now, we can claim that on 2016-06-06T00:03:02Z, there was 108’084 km of winter sports pistes in Openstreetmap ! Two and a half tour of the planet !

Before OSM, does anybody figured out that there is so many pistes dedicated to winter sports on the globe ? And how much is still to be mapped inOSM ? Why does some people map alpine ski pistes as area without a median line that would allow routing?

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