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dimanche 9 mars 2014

Offline tiles updated

The sqlites containing tiles up to zoom 16 have been updated from fresh data on 06.03.2014. They can be used on your mobile device or whatever.

Check here: or directly here


dimanche 23 février 2014

Resort mapping incentive

It's nice to have the largest ski map worldwide at hand with OpenstreetMap. Now with a few mapping efforts, some really useful services could arise from this data. Not only in putting more pistes on the map (there is still plenty to map !) but also in organizing them by ski resorts with site=piste relations.

Ski resorts pistes, and pistes length

Now on Opensnowmap, you get some usefull statistics on a particular ski resort.

Some resorts seems to be rather well mapped:

While for others ...
There is no ski pistes, just two buildings there.

There is plenty of thing that are not yet mapped in OpenStreetMap. However, I hope these stats will give a good incentive to completely map ski resorts, why not by the operator ?

These stats are obtained by checking the members of site=piste relations.


A few controls have been recently added to complete the piste list view on Opensnowmap.

To obtain the list view, use one of these buttons to

  • list-22-hover.png list all pistes in the viewport

  • select-22-hover.png select a piste by clicking on the map

  • search-22-hover.png search a piste by name

On the list view, you can:

  • list-flat22.png List all pistes of a particular ski resort

  • profile-flat22.png View the elevation profile of a piste

  • info-flat22.png Get more info about the resort or piste, including a link to OSM browser

vendredi 21 février 2014

No ski mapper in Americas ?

Is there anybody mapping ski pistes any more in the USA? It's winter there too, but here are the piste edits for last month (red dots) :


Or do I have an issue with my script ?

Anyway, glad to see on the last Modis update that the sun is shinning again above scandinavia: If the satellites can get the snow cover, this means that they can see the ground in daylight.

dimanche 2 février 2014

Opensnowmap news

A few things happened since Christmas. The server had some issues when updating the pistes daily: the (small) disks were full. I took the opportunity to change the server and hosting. All is runnning normally now, and the new server is big enough to handle the relief and contour lines data on the same machine than ski pistes. This means that Opensnowmap now runs with two servers able to serve the same content from two distinct hosting companies. The second one is cheap and slow, but make a descent job as a fallback server.

But that's behind the scene, what's really new ? Here it is : 2899.png

* Single overlay

The pistes, Modis 8-days snow-cover, hillshading and contour lines are now rendered as a single layer: 3x less tiles to download for a map view. I am sure your browser will like it.

Piste-only layer is still available for third-party websites (be kind enough to ask me before using tiles).

* Search-results - Elevation profile

There is now a feedback on the map when you place the mouse pointer over a piste name in the search-result box.

screenshot-search-results.png On the pistes list, a small icon also allows you to get the elevation profile for a single way or single route. This will also show you the route on the map, with an arrow at the beginning to show the followed direction.

Future improvment will be made to improve the interaction between the map and the ski pistes list on the left.

* Sleigh pistes

Long time overdue, sleigh pistes are rendered violet with a sleigh icon. Actually this is not clear if piste:type=sleigh means dogs, horses or camels or whatever, so I choose a sleigh as an icon.

* Czech translation has been updated.

Other languages would benefit from your help, too !

dimanche 29 décembre 2013

Opensnowmap 2014 flavour has a brand new design for 2014.

After the mobile version were born three month ago, I figured out I could use part of what I learnt to improve the overall look of the main site. I was also suggested some useful improvements from the french mailing-list.


This new skin should also behave better on ie7 (even though a more recent browser is heavily recommended).

The design was sketched with Inkscape before implementation begun, and the complete icon set too: this saved me a lot of time, and the result looks as intended (or even better).

Some tooltips have been added to the menu buttons, so they need your traduction. For the moment, they are in english by default when not translated in the language files (language files).

Let me know your feelings or bug reports in the comments, by email or in github. Yves

mercredi 11 décembre 2013

Making sense of openstreetmap ski data

Some services now rely on a smarter pistes search API than previously. It's not replacing a Xapi or Overpass API, but is oriented toward a webservice that allows one to find what people usually calls a 'ski piste'.

On Opensnowmap, there is less redundant search results when searching a piste by its name. It's the same for pistes information and route description when you click on the map. Also, the search function is now a bit tolerant to typos.

A piste API ?

Well, it's a big word for a python CGI making requests to a slightly modified pgsnapshot database.

Simplify search results

What happens if you search for a piste named 'Pauvre Conche' in openstreetmap data? You have 4 alpine pistes results: two easy ways, and two intermediate one. The new API then check if these ways touch each other, and if they share the same tags. If it is the case, they are concatenated. These give only two 'pistes' the blue one and the red one for 'Pauvre conche'.

Also, some pistes are mapped as ways, other as relations. There is even some people that map the pistes as both way and relation, both with the same name. Now the list of result can be filtered to remove the ways if they belong to a relation. This means that the piste 'Le Vourbey' can be found as a single result, omitting the way 'Chemin de coupe le Vourbey' part of the relation 'Le Vourbey'. However, if you use the routing feature of Opensnowmap, then the results will emphasize the way tags, but still show you that the way belong to a relation.

This will hopefully gives a user what he or she is looking for: a ski piste, not ways or relations.


This is easy: Postgres provides the module pg_trgm that does a pretty decent job.


Some burden in filtering the results have also been moved from the client (your browser) to the server. Also, geometries are sent as encoded polylines instead of wkt to reduce bandwidth consumption. Nevertheless, some filtering process can be long, so the API restrains itself to process only 50 OSM elements (ways and relations, before filtering) per request to ensure a reasonable response time. So you won't be able to find all the piste named 'Loipe' on website. If needed you can add &limit=false to the query. in Japanese

Thanks to a contributor, the website is now translated in japanese. Also, mapnik were not properly rendering piste names in japanese nor korean: it's now fixed.

To provide translation in your own language, or complete the existing translation, check these files on github, then translate from the en.json file.

dimanche 24 novembre 2013

Premier mapping de la saison

C'est parti ! Ma première sortie hier m'a permis d'ajuster La Mathiez Sarrazin, sur le massif de la Haute-Joux. Une premiére boucle assez tranquille que j'ai mappé 'novice', puis une deuxième un peu plus vallonée ou 'easy', le tout avec un bon damage suites aux premières neiges conséquentes. La relation mappée en vert est un peu spéciale avec des passages communs à l'aller et au retour.


Ce domaine qui part de Vaux et va jusqu'à Cerniébaud est vraiment sympa, j'espère bien en compléter le mapping d'ici la fin de cet hiver. Et si quelqu'un complète avant moi, tant mieux !

samedi 9 novembre 2013

Opensnowmap improved rendering

The opensnowmap layer is getting ready for winter.

  • Gladed, mogul and lit pistes are now rendered with appropriate icons
  • Area pistes are now properly transparent for a better integration on top of topo layers
  • Overall look of the layer is improved thanks to a better aliasing and smoothing of the pistes

Time to update the mapkey too:



mercredi 16 octobre 2013

Opensnowmap mobile version is now available in a mobile-friendly version.

mobile version

mobile_version.png The main navigation features have been integrated in this version.However, you won't find the elevation profile and micro-routing functions. First, because it's complicated, and then, because I did not find any example showing me this could make sense on a mobile screen.

The mobile version benefits from a 'my location' icon that will re-center the map on your location at a few second interval unless deactivated by the same icon. Hopefully, because I figured out that HTML5 geolocation implementation among browser and device seems a bit tricky unless you found the various settings allowing it. So, sorry in advance if you are welcomed by an alert popup: I hope this will help you to find whats wrong.

Technically, the server should redirect you on the proper version based on user-agent. You can then change to the desktop or mobile version from the menu. Your choice will be remembered in a cookie along with your langage preference (including Catalan users, thanks to Joan !).

This has been tested on various Android browsers, but I'm glad to receive feedback fom users on iOS,Windows phone or else.


lundi 30 septembre 2013 news

A few improvements had been put online recently:

  • Routing controls: intermediate points are now draggable. Double-click to delete.
  • Permalink with marker: accessible from the menu, a permalink with marker let's you share a meeting point with your friends (example).
  • Resorts shown from zoom 5 (site=piste).
  • Relief layers on top of piste layer, to show the relief on pistes tagged as areas (Whistler.
  • Openlayer 2.13.1.
  • Replace Potlatch link with Id.
  • Minor interface changes.

Bug corrections:

  • HTML fix for ie8.
  • fix pistes ofsetter tool (example).

lundi 16 septembre 2013

Improved ski routing

pistes-pointer-on.png The routing function have been improved. Now the start and end points are the closest point on the closest piste. Sound logical, but it wasn't the case before.

This now means that you can take a lift at mid-slope, on website, at least !

For those that did not knew the multi-modal (winter sports only) routing and pistes info capabilities of, click on the the hand icon in the menu bar, zoom down to your favorite resort, and click on the pistes.


Note: Routing on still rely on Pyroute. I had a test recently with Pgrouting 2.0.0 RC1, but did not end up with something worth it yet. I did not gave up yet.

lundi 2 septembre 2013

Ski resorts: cool stuff with relation type=site

Relations type=site, site=piste are used to map a 'ski ressort' or 'skiing area'.

There are relations grouping all winter sport features that are member of a particular ressort. Their name is rendered at intermediate zoom on

Creating relations site=piste not only allows to render nice and meaningful names on the map at low zoom, but it also come in handy when your are looking for a piste. search-sites.png

Let's say you are looking for a piste named 'sapin' (pine-tree in french). Not surprisingly, you will end up with a lot of results. However, now gives you the results with a link to the resort name as tagged in the site=piste relation in which the piste is a member.

Handy, isn't it ? Well, there is only a few relations like this right now. But the good news is that building these relations is just armchair mapping ;)

For this, I strongly suggest the use of JOSM on bigger ressorts. Use tiles as a background and search for "piste:type"=* or aerialway=* , the rest is your local knowledge to add the proper name.

jeudi 27 juin 2013

Opensnowmap goes west !

Us and Canadian downhill pistes are now rendered with a local coloring scheme: green / blue / black diamond.


dimanche 23 juin 2013

Opensnowmap on Android

Thanks to Osmdroid, it's relatively easy to build a simple map application for Android, so here it is :

Opensnowmap app on google play

It offers simple online map browsing and piste / place search by name. I hope it is more convenient to browse ski trails than on your mobile browser, though I know that in the future I should provide a proper web-based mobile version of the site.

Be warned : this application is a paid-for one, and is mainly intended to support for server costs. It's hard to find a good way to call for support, but I found this solution both practical for donations and useful. So, if you like Opensnowmap, don't hesitate to give it a try.


samedi 4 mai 2013

Contours lines suspended / courbes de niveaux hors service

The contour lines database is suspended till further notice for an upgrade (SRTM V4.1 from CGIAR, a bit of smoothing for ASTER data in northem areas).

Les courbes de niveaux seront à nouveau disponibles après une mise à jour (SRTM V4.1 grâce à CGIAR, les données ASTER seront également adoucies pour les régions nordiques).


samedi 27 avril 2013

Resort rendering update

I prepared the sets of icons to render the following activities if they are present among the members of a site=piste relation:

  • dowhnill
  • nordic
  • sled
  • ice-skate
  • jump
  • playground
  • skitour
  • snow_park
  • hike (snowshoes)

There is still a few placement issues, but it's overall looking good:


Now that the snow is slowly melting, that's something you can map remotely.

How-to site=piste.

dimanche 14 avril 2013 Updates

First of all, thanks a lot to all bugs / feature request reporters !

The map:

  • Downhill pistes are now renderd as area (area=yes) see
  • Names on downhill pistes
  • Resorts are now renderd from zoom 8 see
  • The lifts icons are now the head up see
  • Fix sled and skating icons placement


  • Move blog to new address
  • Refresh interactive mode button design
  • Lot of translation fixes
  • Remove forum. It's been hacked :(


vendredi 5 avril 2013 =>

Your new website, for all winter sports :


  • Tile server

From fresh data, every morning

  • Pistes informations with a single clic

No more 'vector mode'. Lighter, better compatibility with browsers.

  • Search for pistes by names

Nominatim results are augmented with a selection of ski pistes and lifts.

  • Multi-modal routing and elevation profiles

You can climb dowhnills, take a lift downward and a shortcut in snowshoes. Yes !

  • Forum

Yet another channel. It's more dedicated to newcomers, and aim to ensure the site viabilty in the long-term.

Maybe the site is a little fresh, so don't hesitate to send me your remarks.

pistes-nordiques =>

Votre nouveau site, dédié à l'ensemble des sports d'hiver:

Au menu:

  • Serveur de tuiles

Avec des données fraiches du jour, tout les matins

  • Infos sur les pistes d'un simple clic

Plus de mode 'vecteur', beaucoup plus léger et meilleure compatibilité sur les navigateurs

  • Recherche des pistes par nom

Les résultats Nominatim sont augmentés d'une sélection 'special ski'

  • Routage et dénivelés multi-modaux

Montée en ski de descente, descente en remontée mécanique et raccourcis en raquettes, c'est possible !

  • Forum

Oui, un canal de plus, mais c'est essentiellement pour assurer la viabilité du site à long terme

Le site sens peut-être encore un peu la peinture, n'hésitez pas à me faire part de vos remarques.

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