It's nice to have the largest ski map worldwide at hand with OpenstreetMap. Now with a few mapping efforts, some really useful services could arise from this data. Not only in putting more pistes on the map (there is still plenty to map !) but also in organizing them by ski resorts with site=piste relations.

Ski resorts pistes, and pistes length

Now on Opensnowmap, you get some usefull statistics on a particular ski resort.

Some resorts seems to be rather well mapped:

While for others ...
There is no ski pistes, just two buildings there.

There is plenty of thing that are not yet mapped in OpenStreetMap. However, I hope these stats will give a good incentive to completely map ski resorts, why not by the operator ?

These stats are obtained by checking the members of site=piste relations.


A few controls have been recently added to complete the piste list view on Opensnowmap.

To obtain the list view, use one of these buttons to

  • list-22-hover.png list all pistes in the viewport

  • select-22-hover.png select a piste by clicking on the map

  • search-22-hover.png search a piste by name

On the list view, you can:

  • list-flat22.png List all pistes of a particular ski resort

  • profile-flat22.png View the elevation profile of a piste

  • info-flat22.png Get more info about the resort or piste, including a link to OSM browser