A few things happened since Christmas. The server had some issues when updating the pistes daily: the (small) disks were full. I took the opportunity to change the server and hosting. All is runnning normally now, and the new server is big enough to handle the relief and contour lines data on the same machine than ski pistes. This means that Opensnowmap now runs with two servers able to serve the same content from two distinct hosting companies. The second one is cheap and slow, but make a descent job as a fallback server.

But that's behind the scene, what's really new ? Here it is : 2899.png

* Single overlay

The pistes, Modis 8-days snow-cover, hillshading and contour lines are now rendered as a single layer: 3x less tiles to download for a map view. I am sure your browser will like it.

Piste-only layer is still available for third-party websites (be kind enough to ask me before using tiles).

* Search-results - Elevation profile

There is now a feedback on the map when you place the mouse pointer over a piste name in the search-result box.

screenshot-search-results.png On the pistes list, a small icon also allows you to get the elevation profile for a single way or single route. This will also show you the route on the map, with an arrow at the beginning to show the followed direction.

Future improvment will be made to improve the interaction between the map and the ski pistes list on the left.

* Sleigh pistes

Long time overdue, sleigh pistes are rendered violet with a sleigh icon. Actually this is not clear if piste:type=sleigh means dogs, horses or camels or whatever, so I choose a sleigh as an icon.

* Czech translation has been updated.

Other languages would benefit from your help, too !