Thanks to newly released osm history dump and Peter's work on history Importer, I am able to extract a few figures out of our favorite hobby: mapping ski pistes.

* Crosscountry (nordic) ski


First XC trail was mapped in february 2006, the biggest effort was made during march 2011, with more than 1200 km mapped in a week.

* Alpine (downhill) ski


The first slope was mapped in february 2006 too, however the rise seems to flatten on the last years. Here 2009 is the best millesime.

* Aerialways (lifts)


It seems that aerialway mapping is less seasonal.

* And then

These three plots tend to grow at a steady pace, or even flattens a little.

We can probably understand this by the difficulty to map more remote pistes : it's time to improve the skiing level of our fellow ski-mappers :)

However, until they become really flat, one thing is sure: there is still plenty to map !